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Susan, Thank you for sharing your reading list and all that you teach us in our class. I have been inspired and have learned so much; both technical and philosophical practices. You are a warm person and your class is a safe place for us to be ourselves and create. I am thinking so much more about design, creating, color choices with harmony and contrast, shapes, textures, taking risks, etc. to create a painting from within and not just copying what I see. Dorothy


Thank you Susan. I love the work I’m making and am so grateful for you and for all that you taught me. I learned refinement of color, some excellent design tips and quite a few other things I needed to learn. You were ever so patient and consistent with me and I appreciate this so very much. You have my full endorsement!


The class has been awesome Susan!! I understand that I'm just learning how to mix paints and create the correct hues. I am also learning how the paint reacts to the canvas, how to hide and reveal things and how the tools work. I appreciate the journey!! I don't expect a masterpiece in a beginning painting class. I understand how long it takes to create a meaningful, strong piece. I am interested in applying these techniques to a still life or figure class. Keep me updated. I look forward to our next class. The session went so fast. If my schedule permits in the spring, I'd like to continue training with you. Kit


Thanks so much for another great series of lessons. I learn so much every time I come in for a class. I really appreciate you giving your time, talent, understanding and patience. These classes have really been a gift to me as I work through idea of incorporating and even celebrating the “mistakes” and missteps that occur along the way. Your relaxed and inclusive approach to creating art makes it easy for a beginner like me to approach the experience of painting with a sense of adventure and no pressure to make things perfect. It’s the imperfections in the paintings that make them really interesting. What a concept! I’m looking forward to the next set of lessons.


Susan is not only a highly skilled artist, but she is very generous with her time and knowledge. She over-delivers when teaching others. I had the privilege of learning some much needed design and color theory from her over the past six months and will never forget what she taught me. Susan taught me to slow down and savor the moments of creativity and process; to find the soul of my work. It was hard at times, but well worth every moment. God Bless, Pam


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