Online Critique

Online Critique


Do you ever wish you had experienced, fresh eyes to look at your painting and tell you what it needs?? We artists often work in isolation, and after staring at a painting for hours or days we get lost in it. We lose our objectivity.

Here’s your chance for some reliable feedback. Your one hour critique will include a live video conversation, simultaneous screen-sharing, and digital image adjustments. You will need a good internet connection!

One hour will allow enough time for us to cover 1-3 paintings. So let’s get started! Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button to make your secure online payment. I will contact you via email using the email address on your order. You will send me your images via email, along with a brief description of the work (size, media) and your intent, likes and dislikes in the painting. We will schedule a one hour call at a mutually agreed upon time.

During our call, we will discuss the overall intent for your work and how the work is organized as a composition. We’ll interpret how the work ‘feels’ and how visual elements can be adjusted for greater impact, using Photoshop to make these adjustments virtually. Your hour can also be used to discuss your overall creative process, and any struggles that have become a pattern. Questions? Ask away at

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