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This time, the news is not in the studio, but out on the streets. Here are some shots of my newly completed mural in Oxford, PA, where support for the arts, and particularly public art, is growing. With the help of Oxford Mainstreet, Inc., and the Oxford Arts Alliance, artists have an opportunity to take their work directly to the people!

The deep texture on this building made it a little tricky...

Stucco really eats up the graphite!!

Stucco really eats up the graphite!!

The highest flowers required scaffolding..

The highest flowers required scaffolding..

One afternoon, as I snapped a picture of the day's work, a bee happened to fly in front of my camera, and it looked as if she wanted to land on the flower. 


So, two bees were incorporated into the final art. I don't think it would have been right without them!


In other 'news outside of the studio,' I was recently asked to take part in a project called “The Heroine’s Journey,” begun by Peter de Kuster. Peter is a writer, who invites professionals from all over the world to share their stories…what makes them happy, where they find inspiration. 

You can read mine here. If you’re a creator, I’m sure he’d love to hear your story as well.

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