The Gift

The Gift 60 x 60 inches mixed media on panel

The Gift 60 x 60 inches mixed media on panel

I call this new painting, "The Gift" because the best parts of it happened purely by accident. When this happens, I'm reluctant to take credit, but since I'm the only one here. . .

Sometimes, the materials I work with cause me trouble. In this piece, for example, I tried a new marker which I was told was compatible with acrylics. Alas, it was not, and the paint applied on top of it started to peel off. I did some research and learned that rubbing alcohol would remove it, so I began spraying the alcohol on it and scraping off. I then learned that alcohol breaks down acrylic paint as well. (How did I not know this after 20+ years?) So it was a gummy, sticky, mess for a bit and I was highly agitated. But before long, I started noticing the really beautiful effects I was getting by removing the paint this way. So, now I have a new technique!! 

Time and time again, I learn the same lesson. The most beautiful things occur when I'm NOT in control, but when I am curious, playful, and experimental.

Susan MelrathComment