I'm sitting on the back porch of my casita. It's midnight here in Santa Fe. There's a starry sky surrounding a sliver of moon, and the coyotes are yipping in the shadows of the brush. With a belly full of wine, a pocket full of sage, and a heart full of gratitude, I left a soulful conversation with my tribe around the fire pit. When I am with these people, it's always a profound experience. They are like family to me. Our connections are at least as deep. Our conversations are raw and real and romantic, because we share our dreams as well as our fears. And we encourage one another to dream BIG.


How did I get so lucky? How many artists get to have this kind of experience? We are close friends, a working team, and kindred spirits on the same creative path. We share a vision of growing a community to support other artists on their own personal journey and affect changes that might ripple out into the the world in a deep and profound way. Everyone of these eight amazing individuals are badass painters, incredibly supportive friends, and trustworthy, reliable team mates in the Art2life program. We are here at Rancho Gallina (highly recommend!!) for a week of team building, problem solving, and brainstorming.


Somehow, I stumbled into a gold mine. I get to be an artist, which is a blessing alone. I get to share what could be a very solitary endeavor with these close artist friends and hundreds of other creatives who are students and members of the growing Art2life community. My teammates are willing to give me honest feedback to help me grow as an artist and a human being, and help me to be the best version of me. All they ask is that I show up with an open heart, and a willingness to do the same for them. With an energized spirit, and re-ignited imagination I return to my studio to do what I am here on this planet to do. Make art that celebrates the mystery of life, share my journey with those who need guidance, and seek new ways to leave this planet better than I came to it.