Good Enough


We all struggle with the question “am I good enough?”

Aware that we can delude ourselves, we compare.

Will I ever be as good as ___?

Is my work good enough?

Is my house good enough?

Am I good enough for the one I love?

Do I deserve this award?

Should I just quit???

It’s so easy to fall into this damaging thought pattern, focusing on all the ways we fall short…we started too late, we made the wrong choices, we missed opportunities, we failed again. 

But talk to anyone - at any point in their journey, and you will find the same doubts plague us all. I think it boils down to a choice, as do so many matters of the heart. Choosing courage over comparison is what Brene Brown speaks of when she says, “you either walk inside your story and own it, or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.” 

What does it mean to “own it?” Maybe it means being honest about who we are and where we come from -  being brave, allowing vulnerability, staying open to learning, asking for help, daring to set boundaries, taking risks, letting go of what others think. Easier said than done, but this, I think is a good recipe for an authentic life and personal work. Every day offers new opportunities to choose courage and to embrace who you are. 

There is no silver bullet to kill the doubts that live in each of us. It’s just a matter of small choices to believe in ourselves, and keep showing up. Let yourself be seen. The world needs you and all your imperfect perfection.

"What makes you vulnerable, makes you beautiful.” Brene Brown

Susan MelrathComment