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    Creative play

    Relaxing in nature

    Meeting kindred spirits

    Eating delicious, healthy meals

    Unconditional support

    Identifying your artistic voice

    Discovering new painting techniques

    Experimental mark-making

    Learning how to strengthen your paintings


    I am so excited to invite you to join me this coming September, 2017 at Squam Art Workshops for an acrylic and mixed media painting workshop called "Conversations In Paint." If you're a beginning painter, this is an opportunity to give yourself the gift of learning and self-expression, of new and interesting friends, all wrapped up in the beauty of a magical natural setting. Seasoned painters will appreciate the push to strengthen their work through clarifying their design and composition.

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    In addition to my painting workshop, this five day retreat offers classes in woodworking, photography, printmaking, creative writing, knitting, embroidery, assemblage. Talk about creative immersion! 

    Photo Credit: Tara Morris

    After ten years of offering these amazing gatherings, 2017 will mark the last of Squam Art Workshops.  The good news is that you still have an opportunity to register! This page will tell you all you need to know about schedule, location, etc. Want to know more about what to expect? Here is what some others have had to say...

    “It is hard to describe the experience because there is nothing like it. You walk in full of anxiety, fears about inadequacy, and most times wondering what the hell are you doing here. Nevertheless, you are quickly cocooned by loving embraces of other women who feel exactly as you do, and almost as instantly as you settle into your cabin, the low cloud seems to dissipate. There truly is no other word for it, but magical.” – Abby Bullock

    “oh Squam. you never fail to intoxicate, rejuvenate and educate me. this was my 9th (!) time at this creative gathering on a loon-filled lake in the woods of New Hampshire. i just read my account of my very first Squam experience and it all holds true to this day. it never gets old.” – Cal Patch

    You can read more here.

    See you in September :)


    Elizabeth Duviver, the creative goddess who brought this experience into the world, asked me to join her for an interview on her podcast, Morning on the Dock. Wow, was that an interesting conversation. I thought I would talk about some safe topics like paint and such, but Elizabeth had other plans...