• Free Video Demonstration

    Have you heard of acrylic image transfer?  It's not really new, but it's a technique I've been experimenting with lately. I've made a few videos demonstrating the process, and you can view them here with the password Studio19. Note that these videos are not professionally made. I don't have a videographer - it's just me and my iPhone. But if I waited for it all to look perfect, I would never do it! That’s the thing about taking an action. You don’t know that you can do it until you do it. And then you become someone who does it.

    I share my works in progress with you even though the paintings are not yet resolved, because I want to share my journey. You will know me so much better this way than if I were just to present to you finished, polished work. Even though I have some resistance to taking the risk of sharing and vulnerability, I feel it's important to put myself out here.

    A photocopy of an image I want to put in my painting. Notice the words are reversed.

    The image is flipped over and laid into a layer acrylic gel on the painting.

    Once dry, the paper is rubbed off and the image remains embedded in the painting.

    In the videos, I'm demonstrating acrylic image transfer. This is not a brand new process although it may be new to you. It's a fun and interesting way to add imagery to your paintings that feels different from the marks of your brush or palette knife. The images I use get mostly buried under layers of paint, but they look mysterious and ghostly peeking through. I hope you learn a little something watching, and please feel free to drop me a line if you have question about it or want to know more.

    "Line of the Heart" still in progress

    Also - I'd like to apologize for the duplicate newsletters last time around. That was unfortunate! I sometimes struggle with technology.