• Public Art

    The last Christmas card I opened in December 2015 had a check in it for $1500, along with a note... "I want to donate this to you and to growing Oxford." Whaa? Needless to say, I was stunned. What generosity, encouragment, inspiraton! This angel donor grew up in O-town, and like many of us, wants to see our hometown thrive.

    Everyone has ideas about what would make their town a better place, but only a few actually act on those ideas or get involved in ways that matter. And I suppose it's human nature to notice what's not working, but isn't it more productive to focus on what is working and what else might work?

    Public art adds to a community's vibrancy, pride, and sense of place - not to mention cultural tourism and economic development. Because there are so many people who believe in this little town, and in the transformative power of art, we will be painting the town a little more this year.

    (old telephone pole by Oxford Arts Alliance, completed)

    (alley door by Flickerwood, completed)

    Thanks to the generosity and support of private doners, OMI, and Oxford Area Foundation, this will be the next installation coming this fall...

    Watch the progress if you happen to be in the area! 14 South 3rd Street, Oxford, PA home of the Bog Turtle Brewery.