• At Work

    It's time for play - I mean work. Both. Time to experiment, be curious, try new things. I'm working large and it requires interesting tools - paint rollers, extra long-handled brushes, ladders.

    I'm trying more collage elements, like this tissue paper...

    ...and it's even more beautiful when it's been splashed with water and allowed to dry. My new assistant, Caitlin suggested this and oh, by the way - I have a studio assistant!! 

    She is a recent college grad with a Fine Art degree and she is computer savvy, smart, talented, outgoing, and reliable. Seriously, I have a guardian angel somewhere.

    Paint and water do such lovely things. Sometimes my job is to just get out of the way. That's easier said than done.

    Other times I'm a mark-maker. Either way, I'm walking that fine line of work and play. Care - don't care. Be loose and free - now, assess and edit. Be comfortable not knowing where the painting is going - now, decide what it needs. It's a delicious dance and I feel so profoundly fortunate to call this my job.

    If you're here in Southern Chester County, come to Oxford this Friday for a huge classic car show and First Friday celebration. My studio will be open! More here.