• Settling In

    I have been too busy to write these last couple of months, but it's time to catch up a little. My studio has become the home of "Courageous Painting" classes on Tuesday evenings.

    I LOVE teaching, because I feel passionate about sharing the things that have changed my work and life. Also, teaching helps reinforce for me the important aspects of the painting process, and that strengthens my work, too. There seems to be no shortage of willing participants and this first session of classes is full. I'm so grateful for their willingness to jump in.

    I have also been thrilled to find some of "my tribe" here in O-town...people with imagination, vision, guts, talent, and just the right amount of idealism. These include artists, photographers, art lovers, musicians, restaurateurs, creative directors, sign makers, tarot-card readers, historians, philanthropists, and business owners of all types. Together, I believe we can imagine a very colorful future for this little town. 

    This old, broken telephone pole next to the Oxford Arts Alliance was a great place to start. That's my son, Nick risking life and limb to put the final touch at the top...

     Here's the finished pole...

    Sometimes all it takes is a little paint to make a big difference.