• 19 South Third

    So...here I am. 3000 miles travelled, address changed, boxes unpacked, shelves built, internet connected, new panels delivered, primed, and ready to paint.

    This is an amazing space in which to work. I’m giddy every morning when I open the door and crank up the music. The "painting wall" with evenly spaced screws will allow me to work on several 4' and 5' paintings and move them around with ease.

    To the rear of the studio is an area I've set aside for teaching. I look forward to having students here! 

    One of my new favorite things is this cart, compliments of my brother, Gary who always has the right tool for any job. It wheels around seamlessly and holds my palette, brushes, water, etc...

    This is a very old building and the basement is a hidden treasure. I'm thinking open studio events....a little wine, cheese, music and a lot of atmosphere! Check it out...

    When I close up at night and head home, I am grateful to have found "a room of my own" like this to make my work. It's not perfect. Oxford is not a hub of contemporary art. I am not surrounded by a base of collectors. But as Brian Sherwin writes in this blog post, success does not have a zip code. Thankfully, I have hard-working galleries such as Costello-Childs Contemporary in Scottsdale, AZ and Simon Mace Gallery in Port Townsend, WA to focus on sales so that I can focus on painting.

    Here are some other artist's studios in 360° panoramic splendor, all shot by Seattle photographer, Bradford Bohonus as a personal project. Fun to cyber-visit!