• Thanksgiving

    I’m grateful all year round for the many blessings in my life, but gratitude is the focus at Thanksgiving. So I thought I’d share with you the things I am most thankful for in my studio. If you’re a painter, you may see some things you’ll want to put on your Christmas list!

    First, the anti-fatigue mat I stand on when I paint, by Smart Step. Such a life saver, especially if your studio has a concrete floor!!!

    Excellent quality, cradled, birch panels, delivered to my door at an exceptional price by American Easel, Salem OR. And in the greater Seattle area, you can also check out Matthew Olds, for beautifully crafted panels, installation and other services at Hold Studios.

    Golden Artist Colors are well known, and their product line is amazing. Another thing to love about them is the technical advice at your fingertips through their YouTube videos, and even an expert to call toll free when you’ve really f’d things up (800) 959-6543. But this year I discovered and fell in love with another very high quality paint product that I use almost exclusively now (thank you, Nick Wilton) The paint is so sexy, like thick, heavy cream, and can be used on all kinds of surfaces. They dry to a beautiful matte finish and have unbelievable pigment saturation. These cel-vinyl paints come from Cartoon Colour Company in Culver City, CA. I have to caution you though, their website sucks and makes it very hard to order. Just sayin’.

    And last but not least, Montana Black empty paint pens that I can paint/draw with. Filled with Golden High Flow Acrylics, these are really fun to work with.

    There’s more…that big ‘ol, green shirt I wear all the time, the 13” trowel that paints better than I do, blue shop towels, an amazing group of artist-friends all over the world (you know who you are), and music. I'm not even sure I could paint without music. This is just a short list. I hope yours is even longer.

    Happy Thanksgiving.